Manual Handling

Very informative course.   Seamus kept it very practical and went through the basics of Manual Handling very well.  Good humour throughout course.  25/4/23

Very interesting course by Seamus and his experience really showed.   Not just reading from a script.   Would recommend.  25/4/23

The course was very interesting and enjoyable.   I learned a lot from Esther and I would tell a friend.  15/4/23 

Seamus is a very good Teacher and made it enjoyable.  15/4/23 

Seamus is a good Tutor.   Kept course and people interested.  Kept the class involved.  12/4/23 

Very informative course, timing perfect.   Seamus was very helpful.  12/4/23

Trainer engaged everybody and encouraged participation.  Highly recommend.  12/4/23 

Enjoyed the experience thoroughly.   Learned the correct form of Manual Handling,  Great experience.  12/4/23 

Teacher today was very engaging, knowledgeable and considerate to each individuals limitations.  12/4/23

Gerrit delivered the course to a high caliber.   Very informative, encouraging and well delivered.  6/4/23 

Great training given by Gerrit. 6/4/23 

Great Trainer, goes indepth.   6/4/23

The Trainer delivered a well structured course and provided relevant information.  4/3/23

Excellent course, good revision of information. 

Very clear and concise.   Good info.  Good and friendly learning.  4/3/23 

Well run course, professional.   Tutor was excellent. 28/2/23 

The Trainer was very well prepared, knows how to keep everyones attention. 28/2/23

The course was presented very good, with great detail and understanding. 28/2/23 

The Trainer knew his stuff and delivered a relevant course and kept everyone interested.  14/2/23 

Trainer was excellent and delivered the course well. 14/2/23 

Esther was informative, interesting, humurous, put a very interesting spin on the subject. 11/2/23

Very well presented and had great knowledge about what he was saying during the course.  10/2/23 

Excellent content and delivered to the highest standards.  Gerrit is an excellent Instructor - clear, concise, personable and friendly.  Highly recommend. 9/2/23 

I have completed several manual handling courses over the years in the UK and Ireland and I can honestly say that this has been the best one that I have attended.  8/2/23

Learned new things from Seamus from the last time I did the course.  31/1/23

Course was informative and got through everything quickly and no repetition. 31/1/23

Well thought course, everything well explained, nothing was complicated and Gerrit also made it enjoyable. 7/11/22

The course was delivered clearly and was interactive, which made it interesting.   I will definitely be making some changes in my own life after attending this course.  7/11/22

I found I learned more than I thought I had already known.   Information I will use daily. 25/10/22

Really enjoyed the course.   The Instructor, Seamus, was very clear and delivered the course brilliantly. 25/10/22

The co-ordinator was excellent at encouraging everyone in their different situation to speak up about poor health and safety in their workplace. 25/10/22

Esther was very clear and precise while going through this course, also very helpful. 10/10. 25/10/22

The course was relevant to my work and well delivered by Seamus.  I would recommend this training to others.   The training location was well equipped, good facilities also. 18/10/22

Course content was a useful refresher in both theory and practical. 18/10/22

Very well constructed course.   You can really see the course was built around many years of experience and passion from the staff.  Very interactive and very relatable. 11/10/22

Perfect length of time for this course. 11/10/22

Very enjoyable.  Esther is a very good Instructor. 11/10/22

The Trainer was very good, made me open my eyes on thinking about how my body will look or turn out if I don't take care of it and use the right techniques. 1/10/22

Excellent course.   Seamus was a very good Instructor, had good interaction with people on the course.   Also, good demonstrations on the course. 3/10/22

I enjoyed the course, keep up the good work. Thanks. 3/10/22

Esther was very good, made me open my eyes on thinking about how my body will look or turn out if I don't take care and use the right techniques. 1/10/22

Seamus was fantastic, really helped all the lads get a better understanding of Manual Handling. 28/9/22

Seamus was extremely personable and knowledgeable on the subject.   Made it easy to learn and time passed quickly.  28/9/22

Gerrit was friendly, professional and had to work in a challenging environment.  22/3/22

It was a very good course, fast pace but not too fast, very informative 22/3/22


Manual Handling