Abrasive Wheels

Seamus was a very good Teacher.  I have learned a lot of new things and I appreciate everything.  This was very helpful.  26/4/23

The Instructor gave out clear instructions and helped us with any questions we had.   26/4/23 

Very patient Teacher.  I learned a lot from Seamus.  Very helpful and understanding.  A gentleman with loads of knowledge.  26/4/23 

Great Instructor.   Kept everyone entertained, which made it easier to learn.  14/4/23

Fantastic interaction and depth of knowledge from Instructor.  14/4/23 

Seamus was very helpful and full of knowledge and showed me the danger of using a grinder.  Thank you, Seamus.  6/4/23 

Some man, some help. 6/4/23 

Very well explained.  Any questions asked were answered properly.  6/4/23 

Instructor had lots of knowledge and delivered the course well.   Very good Trainer.  6/4/23 

Course was easy to follow and I have a better understanding.  

Very informative and interactive course.  Good to learn for all people. 6/4/23

I found Seamus very knowledgeable as he has years of experience with Abrasive Wheels. 3/2/23

Great doing a course with someone with this level of experience, as there is no waffle and you sit up, listen and learn.  Great Trainer, Seamus. 3/2/23

Very well done and won't hesitate to attend this Tutor again. 31/1/23

Learned a lot of interesting and new information about grinding and cutting wheels. 31/1/23 

Seamus had a very good knowledge of the course and experience in the way people work, this was very good.  24/1/23

Course was very well delivered and interesting throughout. 23/1/23

Very interesting from start to finish.  Encouraged involvement, Trainer was very understandable and friendly.  Would highly recommend this course to raise awareness of safety. 9/8/22

Fantastic Teacher. Great to learn from someone with his level of experience.  Insightful and knowledgeable.  9/8/22

Very patient, gave time explaining and answering. Had experience from his own work/career.15/7/22

Course was very informative and should be mandatory to all working in construction. Highly recommend. 15/7/22

Very good Instructor, made everything clear and easy to understand. 15/2/22

Seamus was very knowledgeable and obviously very experienced. I learned a lot and had a very positive experience as did others in the course. 15/2/22


Abrasive Wheels