MEWP Full day scissors, boom and safety harness

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Think safety work safely

Course Suitable For:

Participants who would like the knowledge and confidence to operate the Scissors OR Boom lift safely, protecting both you and those around you.

Course Participants:

Max 8 Refreshers or 4 Novice.

Course Duration:

 Scissor lift is a half day course and boom lift is a half day course.

 To certify an operator on both is a one-day course

Course Content:

 Theoretical Training

  • Relevant legislation
  • Safety responsibilities of an operator
  • Pre-shift inspection of a M.E.W.P.
  • M.E.W.P. stability
  • Battery care for battery powered or refuelling for diesel or gas powered

 Practical Training 

  • Introduction to the M.E.W.P.
  • Controls and instruments.
  • Daily inspection, take-over and maintenance
  • Start stopping and steering
  • Simple corners and manoeuvring
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Weight assessment
  • Manoeuvring in confined spaces
  • Theory and practical assessment

Course Objectives:

To have the ability to operate safely and know the capability of a M.E.W.P, to assess tasks, and operate in a fashion that will: 

  • Not harm him/herself or any one else
  • Not damage any material, structure or vehicles he or she may come in contact with
  • Be able to conduct a pre-shift check on a M.E.W.P. and report any defect found