Risk Assessment

The aim of a Risk Assessment is to reduce the risk of injury and illness associated with work. 

Employers must identify hazards in the workplace, assess the risk and write down what to do about them. We at O'Dwyer Safety Services can assist you to complete an overall risk assessment of your workplace and work activities or conduct risk assessment of specific hazards.

Our Health and Safety Consultants, or Risk Assessors, will work with your business to complete written risk assessments that; identify the hazards, assess the risks and detail your existing control measures and planned future controls.

A hazard can be anything with the potential to cause harm, such as work materials, equipment, work methods or practices, poor work design or exposure to harmful agents such as chemicals, noise or vibration.

A risk is the likelihood that somebody will be harmed by the hazard and how serious the harm might be. 

Control measures are the precautions taken to reduce the risk  of injury and illness at work.

Establishing robust regular Risk Assessment processes will ensure a safe and health workplace, make effective use of resources where they are need most and minimise the possibility of employee injury or ill health or those who work in, or visit your business or premises.

The OSS Consultancy Team work have conducted risk assessments for employers in many industries including manufacturing, food production, education, utility services, agricultural and construction. 

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