Safety Statements

Every employer is legally required to have a Safety Statement* under the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (Section 20).  The safety statement is a document laying out how the company intends to manage health and safety for their business.  A Safety Statement needs to be specific to the organisation and its activities.

The basic structure of a safety statement should include:

  • Your Company Safety Policy
  • Your Health and Safety Responsibilities
  • Your Health and Safety Arrangements e.g. Safety Training , Safety and Health Consultation
  • Written Risk Assessments detailing Hazards, Risks And Control Measures
  • Emergency Plans and Procedures

Do you need help to get your business and employees back to work safely after the COVID-19 restrictions?
Good news; our consultants are working remotely and would be more than happy to assist you with a C-19 Response Plan, C-19 Inductions, Safety Statement and Risk Assessment updates; or any other COVID-19 queries you might have!

How much does a safety statement cost?
The cost of your safety statement will depend on the complexity of your business and the risks associated with your workforce.

The OSS team are committed to providing a site or company specific safety statement that reflects the actual safety arrangements of the organisation and not a generic mass produced document.

The OSS consultancy team understand that organisations differ in regard to the hazards and risks associated with their business and the amount of help and assistance they require to prepare, update, review and audit their safety statement.

Our competent staff can assist you with your safety statement preparation. Whether you need a little bit of help and guidance or require more detailed and structured consultancy.
We believe in involving management, supervision & employees to produce a safety statement that is a workable and realistic document that everybody can use.

Employers must legally prepare a safety statement, which is based on the risk assessment. The statement should include the details of people in the workforce who are responsible for safety issues. Employees should be able to access this statement and employers should review it regularly.

The OSS Consultancy Team have developed Safety statements for clients  across a wide rage of industries; manufacturing, food production, education, utility services, agricultural and construction.

For Safety Statement guidance or enquiries about preparing your Safety Statement Email:  or call our Office: 061-422207 Mobile: 087 616 2564 to arrange for one of our safety advisors to speak directly with you.