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Food Hygiene - 2018

HACCP training ensures an understanding for managers, supervisors and employees in how to manage food safety in the workplace and implement an effective HACCP-based management system. » read more


Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP) 2018

At the end of the training course participants should have the ability to • Operate safely and know the capability of a MEWP. • To assess tasks. • Operate in a fashion that will not harm him or herself or anyone else. • Not damage any material, structure or vehicle he or she may come in contact with. • To conduct a pre-shift check on a M.E.W.P. and report any defect found. » read more


Counterbalance Forklift - Novice, Experienced, Renewal. - 2018

Participants wanting to learn basic forklift operation skills: To understand the equipments capabilities and requirements to operate the equipment safely. Employees records and qualification of forklift operation. » read more


Reach Forklift Refresher - 2018

Reach forklifts were designed to improve efficiency in warehouse environments where the aisle width can be quite narrow. The forks on a reach forklift truck actually extend out from the truck to enable them to pick up items from racking systems. These forks then retract and the truck leaves the aisle side-on. » read more


Working at heights - 2018

At the end of the training course participants will be able to: • To understand and consider the risks associated with working at height • Plan all working at heights tasks by completing risk assessments • Follow safe working procedures in accordance with the Work at Height Regulations and other applicable regulations » read more


Safe Pass - 2018

To ensure that all site personnel undergo basic health & safety training with the view to making a positive contribution to the prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards » read more


Health and Safety Awareness - 2018

Health and Safety Awareness training is designed to ensure that your employees/employers have a clear understanding of why health and safety is important, both for them and your organisation. » read more


Manual Handling - 2018

Any person whose work puts them at risk of manual handling injuries or Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) » read more


Abrasive Wheels - 2018

For all those who are involved in the storage & handling, mounting, dressing and use of abrasive wheels. This includes either fixed (e.g. Bench grinders or polishers) or portable (e.g. angle grinders) abrasive wheels » read more


Moffet training

Vehicle mounted forklift truck » read more

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