Safe Pass

18th February "Frank had a great way of presenting the course. He made it interesting and humorous. It was delivered very well" 

2th February " Safe pass instructor was very good, made sure everyone was involved and understood"

12th February "Frank is a very nice guy very good at his job too"

11th February "The course was very good and accurate, facilities were very good"

4th February "Very well covered by Frank, a lot of young people stating jobs need to know the risks"

4th February " Safe pass instructor was excellent"

30th January "Found an intense course made interesting and enjoyable by Frank. Everyone contributed to the course. Found the course content interesting and advanced from 4 years ago"

29th January "Easy to listen to, good teacher flows through slides nicely. Answered any questions asked, covered everything on exam"

29th January "Very well planned course learned a lot more in this course than the last time I did the safe pass"

16th January "A very thorough course covering all aspects of construction related potential hazrads. Presented in a clear and mannerly form"

15th January "Very well ran, informative, excellent tutor"

14th January "Very enjoyable given the topic isn't the most exciting. Instructor was very good"

14th January "Programme is quite long but tutor was brilliant and very enthusiastic"

10th January "Excellent instructor very professional and helpful"

10th January "Excellent delivery with interesting stories to highlight safety issues"

10th January "Presentation was very good, the instructor got everybody involved, it made the day more enjoyable and the content easier to understand"

8th January "Made a potentially boring course a lot less boring"

8th January "Well taught course, good examples from course tutors experience. Good engagement from course delegates"

8th January "Frank thanks a million, great course and delivery"

10th January "Very helpful with questions I had. Overall enjoyable experience but also informative"

18th December "Course was presented well by Frank, very pleasant, good fun, times very well and Frank kept all info relevant to the industry"