Safe Pass 2019

24th April " Frank was good in this course and made everything very clear and made me much more aware of my surroundings."

24th April "Great subject matter delivery and ability to engage and explain."

23th April " very good overall instructor was excellent, great involvement and progression throughout 10/10."

23th April "Very informative and genuinely well presented and interesting."

20th April " Kevin was a great instructor with helpful stones from past experiences. enjoyed the interactive course."

20th April "Great presentations, personal examples from course instructor were very useful. Instructor was enthusiastic energetic and demonstrates integrity and commitment to the programme,"

17th April "Instructor very good, engaging and approachable. Made a heavy content seem less heavy by use of experiences and knowledge of subject related to content back to knowledge very well."

12th March "Found course venue very good, course itself was very well derived and engaging."

12th March "Course was well presented by a witty and professional presented. I would recommend this course."

12th March "Some craic, very informative"

16th January "Frank was very good, kept us engaged and interaction and discussion were very good"

16th January "Excellent delivery of the course, the instructor was very engaging and kept all the topics interesting. The instructor also encouraged participation along with facilitating it"

15th January "Only for Frank it would be one long boring day but he managed to save the day. His presentation skills were excellent"

11th January "An excellent instructor was makes the subject matter current and relevant. His presentation skills and engagement with the group are superb, well done and thanks" 

9th January "Tutor (Frank) held our attention throughout"

9th January "Presenter is good, able to make it more interesting than it actually is, good involvement"

9th January "Course content was a bit much but presenter was very helpful and great to get point across. I found it easy to get involved in conversation 10/10 for presenter and presentation"

9th January "The course was very helpful and the tutor was very helpful and explained the different module clearly and in a relaxed atmosphere"

9th January "Well presented by the tutor, he got the class involved in the program. This is my 5th time doing the course and i didn't fall asleep this time"

5th January "Excellent presentation, tutor made course interesting by encouraging participation"

5th January " I thought the course was presented very well. Good level of engagement with class which meant the day went by quickly"

5th January "Frank was very enthusiastic throughout, he has a great sense of humor which made the day fly"

5th January "Tutor worked hard to make a dull subject fresh and interesting and was successful in this in my opinion, very well delivered"

5th January "Course tutor was excellent, good field knowledge/experience and excellent delivery"

5th January "Course was presented in an excellent manor

5th January "Excellent presentation with plenty of encouragement to ask questions and get involved in group discussions"

5th January " Good presentation of a dry subject nicely brought to life"