Frist Aid

4th February "Martin was a great communicator, fully supportive and during real life incidents provided invaluable and effective first aid"

30th January "Martin was an excellent trainer. Very comfortable and learned more than I expected. Exceeded my expectations"

30th January "A great interactive course, I certainly gained confidence in my skills as a first aider"

7th January "Positive learning experience, very positive"

6th January "Excellent course, excellent trainer"

6th January "Good course well delivered"

18th December "Course has great content, instructor gave out the information very well"

10th December "Brilliant, well explained and full of knowledge"

10th December "Good course, very well ran and very informative and very useful information that can be used in a practical sense"

10th December "Great course, super trainer! Very enjoyable"

29th November "Martin was very engaging and knowledgeable on the course work" 

22nd November "Course content was excellent and the course tutor was brilliant at delivering an excellent course"

22nd November "Very well done course. Tutor has a great knowledge of the subject. Shared his day to day experiences with first aid. Kept us interested at all times. Excellent"

26th August "I have done the old first aid and I found the FAR to be more beneficial"

26th Auguat "All practical was very enjoyable and team bonding"

26th August "I found this course to be extremely helpful with learning new material, it offered a good balance of practical and reading material to practice the techniques to save a life"

31st July "Don't ever let Mary Martin retire from O'Dwyers!"