Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) 2019

25 April "Joe was a pleasure to deal with and delivered the course very well."

25th April "Joe was very open to questions and very informative in his answers and scenarios."

31st January "Course was very well presented by a professional instructor."

31st January "The trainer was very fair and very precise, and well able to pass on his knowledge."

31st January "The instructor was very true to the point and conducted the course very well. Very impressed."

11th January "I wish to thank Noel for his patience and time to explain even the smallest detail also having faith in our own small knowledge to allow us to learn for ourselves also"

11th January "The instructor was most helpful and encouraging in all aspects of the course"

11th January " Always good to learn new things and brush up on what you think you know"

11th January "Very well put together and Joe helped with all questions asked to him"

08th January "Training was well paced and everything was explained clearly with good demonstrations"

08th January "Instructor was excellent at explaining the course and made it very easy to understand which was a great help"

08th January "Excellent delivery of subject matter and a high level of interest was maintained"

08th January "Course ran very well with a very knowledgeable instructor and friendly, all content was relevant and to the point with no time wasting"