Health and Safety Awareness 2019

9th April " The trainer was easy to understand and patient to help."

9th April " Enjoyed the course and was well presented."

22nd January "Well presented, excellent tutor"

22nd January "Good pace and trainer had good knowledge of the material"

22nd January "The trainer was very knowledgeable, kept to the point and also kept the group involved and interested"

22nd January "Course was very relevant and interesting"

14th January "The course was well delivered and was very detailed"

14th January "Very informative, clearly explained everything"

14th January "The course offered numerous practical/real world examples to back up the theory that was covered in the course. A comprehensive and well presented course"

14th January "The trainer explained the contents of the course in a very clear manner and I know much more after completing it"

14th January "Very Interesting course, the trainer kept every ones attention"