Health and Safety Awareness

27th November "Teacher was so easy to understand, down to earth and it was so easy the way he described things. Enjoyed the course and it was great to have him as a teacher"

27th November "It was a very worth while course. It was informative and delivered in an easy and relaxed way.

27th November "Very pleasant and enjoyable. Conducted in a very clear and no stress manner"

27th November "Course delivered at a good pace- sustained my interest throughout"

20h November "The presenter has lots of little anecdotes that illustrated different points and made his talk interesting"

6th November "Trainor very knowledgeable and easy to engage with. Very accessible learning and supported environment" 

6th November "Facilitator able to make interesting and engaging what might be a dry topic"

1st November "Important course to keep your mind set on the safety of others"

1st November "Course was delivered in a happy, relaxed but appropriate atmosphere"

1st November "Course was interesting and in a friendly environment. The trainer was friendly and educational"

31st October "The trainer was very clear and explained everything clearly and encouraged our participation. He presented it very well"

31st October "The instructor gave a very good course came across very well. I felt I learned a fair bit from him"

31st October "A very interesting course and our trainer was very easy to listen to and I really enjoyed the course"

23rd October "I found this course very informative. Seamus is very good at his job, very knowledgeable in his field" 

23rd October "I think Seamus done very well, very good transformation, easy to listen to.

23rd October "very good course found tutor very good, was excellent at explaining things and answered all questions fairly good"

23rd October "I find it very interesting and it opens your eyes and makes you more aware"

23rd October "Seamus was very professional in the manner he delivered this training. He made it easy to participate in the course. Very courteous and engaging"

23rd October "Seamus was very good at explaining everything to the group and I learnt a lot today with him"

23rd October "Seamus gave us an excellent course, much wiser now than before I met him"

4th October "The content was excellent and tutor was excellent"

4th October "Really enjoyed the course. The trainer was excellent at explaining all aspects"

4th October "Very simply done which is always needed as difference occurs in each persons background/training

4th October "I found the course very interesting & very helpful learnt a lot today. I find Seamus very interesting and very well spoken, good information"

4th October "Seamus was very knowledgeable and a great teacher made all the information very clear"

20th September "Very informative and clearly communicated"

20th September "Easy to understand and ask questions"

17th July "Very interesting learned a lot of new skills I can put into practice"

17th July "Really nice man and explanation carried out very well and an easy going environment"

17th July" Well put together course, informative and interesting in a light hearted and engaging manner"

17th July "It was very good course and the person that did the course was very good"

17th July "Liked the course was laid out and kept people interested"

17th July "Health & Safety and Manual Handling video were very good. The two courses were very interesting"