Safety and Health Plans - Construction Projects

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O'Dwyer Safety Services Ltd (OSS) provides a range of Health and Safety services for construction projects at both the design and construction stage.

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OSS Ltd provides the following services to Project Supervisors for the Design Process (PSDP) & Project Supervisors for the Construction Stage (PSCS);

  • Briefing Clients and Project Supervisors and explaining their responsibilities as defined in the 2013 Construction Regulations
  • Reviewing proposals, drawings, existing safety files, client information & conduct a site visit with the project supervisor
  • Review Designer Risk Assessments with the PSDP
  • Develop the Design Stage/Preliminary Health and Safety Plan with the PSDP
  • Be available to the Project Supervisor for any necessary advice/consultation
  • Coordinate safety meetings with the project supervisor
  • Compile the safety file with the project supervisor
  • Review of contractors safety documentation
  • Develop site safety inductions
  • Carry out regular site safety inspections
  • Coordinate project site safety meetings
  • Coordinate site safety file information
  • Investigate accidents near misses and associated documentation
  • Other health and safety coordination / liaison issues