QQI PSCS- Project Supervisor Construction Stage -Level 6- 6N0911

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Supervising Safety

Course Suitable For:

Persons requiring knowledge and skills to fulfill the roles of the Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage. The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to supervise projects at construction stage in accordance with current health and safety regulations.

Course Award:

Coordinating Health and Safety Construction Stage - 6N0911
QQI Certificate in Coordinating Health and Safety Construction Stage 6N0911, Level 6, Credit 10

Course Duration:

3 full days over a three week period (one day a week for three weeks)

Course Venue:

OSS, Unit H2 Eastway Business Park, Ballysimon Limerick 

 Course Objectives:

  •  Have the knowledge, skill and competence to supervise construction projects and develop the Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan in accordance the general and specific requirements for health and safety
  • Be familiar with relevant legislation, regulation and best practice in the area and be able to complete the required documentation and statutory notifications
  • Understand the role of the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) as part of the overall project team and role, duties, responsibilities and liabilities of other duty holders
  • Be able to manage, and chair where appropriate, all relevant meetings 
  • Organise staff training in relation to onsite health and safety procedures, understanding the requirements for employee safety consultation 
  •  Manage the interaction of sub-contractors on safety and health matters having accessed their competence in the area
  • Be able to prepare the Project Safety File with the input of contractors /sub-contractors, understanding its importance to the overall project, and manage the process of handover of the File

Course Content:

 The course will include the following modules:

 1. Client PSDP & PSCS definitions/legislation and concepts 

 2. Developing the Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan

 3. Contractor Management 

 4. Safety file

 5. Supervising a construction project 


 Examination: 50%

 Candidates will be required to sit a theory based examination that assesses their learner ability to recall and apply theory and understanding, requiring responses to a range of question types.

 The format of the examination will be as follows: 

 Section A- 10 short answer questions 

 Section B - 2 structured questions 

 Section C - 2 essay-type questions

 Candidates will have required to attempt to answer all questions

Please note: Candidates will be required to complete in writing.


 Project: 50%

 For the project, candidates will be required to simulate the supervision of a construction project in accordance with the general and specific requirements for health and safety.

 Word count for the project is 2000 words +/-10%. The work must be appropriately referenced and a bibliography must be included.

Course Prerequisites:

Learners who wish to apply for this course should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with level 5 of the National Framework of Qualifications. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience.

This Coordinating Health & Safety  at Construction Stage course is delivered and assessed in English. Competence in written and spoken English is essential. If you are unsure about your level of language proficiency, we can provide an English language assessment for your convenience.



Course was very beneficial and covered all aspects of the role in good detail. Moved at a good pace and was easy to follow.

Ned was excellent tutor and very engaging. found the course very informative and will be recommending OSS in future. 

O’Dwyer Safety Services Ltd provided me with great understanding of the PSCS role in construction stage along with all the other duties holders. Ned kept everyone involved and interested and I would recommend this course and supplier to anyone interested.

Genuinely this was a very good course. As a person who this was relatively new to it was daunting on day 1 but I felt like I was able to get up to speed fairly quickly given the course material provided. Ned was excellent, very good to keep people on the ball by asking questions throughout. 

The PSCS course is a fantastic course for anyone who has a requirement for this in their worl<ing role. The course was informative, concise and easy to follow. There was plenty of involvement from everyone and even though it was a virtual online course on this occasion I felt it didn't make any difference to the experience. Thank you Ned!

Excellent course. Very detailed and excellent interaction. Very helpful and informative tutor.

 I found the course very well presented and the encouragement of class participation very beneficial to the learning experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending O’Dwyer Safety Services for the completion of this course. 

Very well ran and informative course with practical approach Ned was very knowledgeable and interacted well with everyone

I think the course was very well organized and as this was my first time using Teams to complete a training course I think it worked very well as Ned done very well with engaging with all throughout the course and plenty of questions throughout. Well done on delivering this course in the way you did Ned Image removed.