Abrasive Wheels - Public course

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Awareness training

Course Suitable For:                                                                                                                                                           Abrasive wheels

People wanting to mount and operate abrasive wheel equipment safely in compliance with statutory requirements.

Course Award:

O'Dwyer Safety Services Ltd Certificate

Course Duration:

2.5 Hours- Every second Tuesday

Course Participants:

Maximum: 10 Participants 

Course Locations:

Courses can be delivered onsite at your company or we can organize a suitable venue close to your location.

Venue Requirements:

Room suitable to seat people comfortably (with tables /desks if possible) and suitable area for demonstrations.

White wall or projector screen

Course Objectives:

At the end of the training course participants should be able to:

  • Identify different types of Abrasive Wheel
  • Identify Types, Markings, Operating Speeds used in correct selection of Abrasive wheels
  • Explain the Hazards and Risks associated with abrasive wheels
  • Explain correct Storage and Handling Methods
  • Demonstrate Inspection and Testing methods and techniques
  •  Identify Components used in mounting Abrasive wheels
  •  Demonstrate correct Assembly, Balance and Fit methods
  •  Explain Dressing / Maintenance requirements
  • Select suitable PPE
  • Demonstrate Safe Working Practises/ Techniques


Summary Skills Demonstration 75%

In skills demonstrations, candidates will be observed carrying out the following practical tasks:

An observation check sheet will be used to identify the expected skills and activities

  • Correct wheel selection
  • Inspection and Pre checks
  • Mounting techniques
  • Guarding
  • Test runs
  • Safe work practises

Examination (Theory-Based) Oral or Written 25%


Abrasive Wheels

Seamus very knowledgeable and clear on instruction.  Taught me plenty.

Trainer had great knowledge in his role. 

Great information, straight to the point, great lecture 10/10.

This was a positive learning experience, because I learned new things. 

Fantastic Teacher. Great to learn from someone with his level of experience.  Insightful and knowledgeable. 

Brilliant Instructor.   Clear, concise, very knowledgeable. 

Trainer was very good at job and helped with everything. 

Informative and enjoyable.  Instructor was knowledgeable and answered all questions that were asked.

Seamus was very easy to understand and clear about the training.

Enjoyed the course, Seamus has a nice relaxing style and covered everything.  Thank you.

Information on course was great, Instructor provided a lot of information. 

Much better information and delivery than my last Abrasive Wheels course. 

Instructor was very good at explaining this course. 

Very good Instructor, made everything clear and easy to understand. 

Worthwhile and interesting course, very knowledgeable presenter. 

The man knew was he was talking about, no faking it.  He kept my interest throughout. 

Barry- Great course, Great trainer

Thomas- I learned a lot on this course, better to be safe than sorry.

Straight to the point and very informative, time flew by!

Course was very well prepared, which made it easier to learn.

Denny- Very well delivered by Seamus in a clear and concise manner.

Clear and good instructor, knows his stuff.

Excellent trainer with good knowledge of the topic.

Ray- I found the course very informative and the trainer was very knowledgeable and technical.

Ed- Seamus was very knowledgeable and obviously very experienced. I learned a lot and had a very positive experience as did others in the course.

Dave- Very patient, gave time explaining and answering. Had experience from his own work/career.

Ian- Worthwhile and interesting course. Very knowledgeable presenter.

Sarah- Course was very informative and should be mandatory to all working in construction. Highly recommend



Abrasive Wheels