RTITB Forklift Novice

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Course Suitable For:                                                                                                                                      Forklift

Participants wanting to learn basic forklift operation skills: To understand the equipment's capabilities and requirements to operate the equipment safely. Employees records and qualification of forklift operation. 

Course Award: 

Lift Truck Basic Operating Skills Certificate Specified Lift Truck Type Model /Capacity Issued by RTITB - Valid for 3 yrs

Course Duration: 

5 days

Course Participants:

A ratio of 3 participants per instructor

Course Prerequisites:

Participants must be 17 years of age

Participants are to provide their own steel capped safety footwear

Participants are advised to dress warmly for forklift practical sessions

Course Locations:

Public Courses: OSS office, Eastway Business Park, Ballysimon, Limerick

Courses can also be delivered onsite at your company or we can organize a suitable venue close to your location.

Venue Requirements:

For courses delivered at your premises:

Room suitable to seat people comfortably (with tables /desks if possible) and suitable area for forklift practical demonstrations.

White wall or projector screen

Course Content: 

Theory and practical demonstrations:

  • Relevant Legislation Safety responsibilities of an operator
  • Pre-shift inspection Forklift Stability
  • Battery care/Refuelling for battery/diesel, gas powered lift trucks
  • Safe operation of a forklift truck
  • Load handling Racking systems 
  • Irregular loads 
  • Vehicle loading
  • Weight assessment


  • Pre start inspection of equipment
  • Practical Assessment of forklift operation 
  • Short Theory test of forklift safety and operation


Successful candidates must pass all practical and theory exams.



You cannot improve the Instructor's job.   He was fair, polite and knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to take part - I would highly recommend it.  3/3/23 

Could not improve the course, absolutely perfect.  3/3/23 

Very comfortable on course and grew with confidence as the course progressed.

The Tutor had a vast knowledge of the working of the machine and training. 

The Instructor was very good, very knowledgeable on his work. 

I found the Instructor top class and taught me a lot of things. 

I found the course very helpful, a lot of information was provided and I gained a lot of knowledge going forward. 

I found the course very helpful and the training Instructor explained everything very well.   Highly recommend. 

Very good mentor and the course was very clearly understandable. 

Great course, great Tutor, thanks.

The Instructor was very knowledgeable, helpful and glad to help and answer questions.

I have learned a lot on this course.   I knew nothing about Forklift, but now I am a bit well equipped to use it. 

Great course, time well spent. 

The course Instructor was very fair, encouraged participation and made it interesting for everyone.

I was very happy with the way the course was taught, will strongly recommend

Charles- Training was very adequate. Instructor was very clear and helpful

Very informative and easy to understand instructor.