Training Quality Assurance


OSS is committed to facilitating the recognition of prior learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges skills and knowledge gained through

  • formal training conducted by industry or education
  • work experience
  • Life experience

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes rather than how, when or where the learning occurred.

Recognition of Prior learning can be used where applicable to facilitate applicants

  • to gain entry to a training programme
  • to be granted credit or exemptions, and/or
  • to achieve a FETAC award

The learning achieved by an RPL applicant must be equivalent to the entry requirements or the learning outcomes and performance criteria set down in the programme of study.

OSS will facilitate where possible and applicable RPL for gaining entry and granting credit, however the achieving of a FETAC award via RPL is beyond the scope of OSS current capabilities. 


Each course has information detailing the expected entry requirements and the learning outcomes and competency standards (the skills, and knowledge) expected of a person successfully completing the course programme.

Before deciding whether to apply for RPL applicants should compare the course entry requirements and expected outcomes and competency standards and match these with their own knowledge and skills

In making an application for RPL for gaining entry to a training programme, or to be granted credit or exemption from a unit within a course applicants would have to match the detailed criteria to previous study and/or work experience, and show how you have already attained the skills outlined.

Evidence or supplementary information will be required such as course outlines, official certified statements of results, position descriptions, verifying statement from a supervisor/employer. Applicants should supply as much as possible in support of their RPL application .If the application is based on work experience, an accurate statement of skills and knowledge on company letterhead and the original document must be sent.

A RPL application form can be obtained from the OSS Training Coordinator. Before completing the form consult with staff to help you decide whether it is worth making an application and further assessment requirements of your RPL claim.


Learners are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of behaviour.

The following guidelines are intended to describe the general rights and responsibilities of learners.

1. Learners have the right to engage in free and open intellectual inquiry. 

2. Learners have the right to an environment characterized by mutual respect and equal opportunity.

3. Learners have the responsibility to treat all parties during training with respect, to not intimidate, interfere with, threaten or otherwise obstruct any OSS activity.

4. Learners have the responsibility not to engage in behaviour that a reasonable person should reasonably know is unsafe or inappropriate.


All learners have the right to appeal the result of any OSS assessment that they have undertaken. 


1. Only approved results can be formally appealed by the learner.

2. Learners are given a minimum of 14 days to submit their appeals after their official result notification.

3. Learners should contact the OSS Training Coordinator for details on how to submit their appeal.

4. The appeal will be recorded and documented by OSS Ltd. 

5. The learners assessment records will be internally verified.

6. OSS will conduct a 2nd Marking of learner assessment evidence by an assessor other than the original assessor.

7. Where the appeal has been upheld the learner results will be amended the learner notified in writing and notification sent to FETAC to amend records accordingly.

8. Where the appeal has not been upheld the learner will be notified in writing.

9. The learner will also be notified in writing of the 2nd appeal process available to them "FETAC National Appeal Process "(available up to 6 months from certification).  


If you have not been satisfied with the service OSS training has provided, please send written submission to:

OSS Training Coordinator

O'Dwyer Safety Services Ltd.