PSCS - Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage

constructionWe have extensive experience in construction health and safety and can work with you to fulfil your safety, health and welfare responsibilities as whether the project with our PSCS services.

Project Supervisor for Construction Stage (PSCS) is a role which is legally required to be fulfilled on construction projects in Ireland under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations  which provides that a PSCS is legally obligated to complete a number of duties with regard to safety, health and welfare such as identifying potential hazards, organise co-operation between sub-contractors, and prepare a written Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan.

We can provide a Project Folder, Construction Stage Plan, Initial Site Visit also Ongoing Site Visits can be done to assist you in the role of  PSCS.

They have various duties under the regulations relating to co-ordinating health and safety on site, including the following:

  • Develop the Safety and Health Plan provided by the PSDP 
  • Co-ordinate the implementation of the construction regulations by contractors
  • Organise co-operation between contractors and the provision of information
  • Co-ordinate the reporting of accidents to the Health and Safety Authority
  • Notify the Authority before construction commences where construction is planned to take more than 500 person days or 30 working days - Online /AF2
  • When there is more than 20 workers on site, facilitate the appointment of a Safety Representative 
  • Co-ordinate the checking of safe working procedures
  • Co-ordinate measures to restrict entry on to the site
  • Co-ordinate the provision and maintenance of welfare facilities
  • Co-ordinate arrangements to ensure workers have a Safety Awareness card, e.g. Safe Pass and a Construction Skills card where required
  • Provide all necessary safety file information to the PSDP
  • Monitor the compliance of contractors and others and take corrective action where necessary
  • The PSCS may issue directions to designers or contractors where they feel safety is being compromised
  • Ensure that traffic and pedestrian routes are in place to ensure safety when construction vehicles are in operation

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