Health and Safety Package

Having spent years listening to our clients, we are very aware that keeping up with all the health and safety requirements over the year can be a very time-consuming burden for businesses. SAFEPACK, our retained health and safety service, is a cost-effective package ideal for the small to medium business that wants to manage Health and Safety in an appropriate manner, while still having control of costs.safepack

We assign a member of the OSS consultancy team with the experience and knowledge to match your industry needs and demands , who will work directly with your safety personnel/managers  to complete the scope of work required to achieve your health and safety objectives.

As a SAFE PACK member you will benefit from the following services:


• A comprehensive review of your safety management system and a strategic look-ahead to ensure compliance and set your annual health and safety targets.


• Create / review and update of company specific safety statement in line with statutory requirements and your company activities.


• Meeting with and helping to monitor your employee’s health and safety performance and a report highlighting strengths, weaknesses and action items through auditing, other arrangements can also be made for site visits e.g. safety awareness days, employee briefings and more.


• Online storage folder for convenient access to your essential safety records. E.g. Safety Statement, Training records, etc. Handy when at the premises or working remotely.


• We provide updates on H&S Legislation, useful safety tips and articles, etc. and a monthly safety briefing topic for your employees.


• 4 Hours free access to our team of consultants for telephone and email advice and information throughout the year.


• Training Matrix and Employee H&S training records - available to you online.

• Training reminders for when your courses are due for renewal.

Ensuring employees safety, health and welfare is not only a legal requirement, it creates a more productive business and builds trust and confidence that your organisation cares about its people.

To discuss this bespoke Health and Safety Package that would suit your company email or call our Office: 061-422207 Mobile: 087 616 2564 to arrange for one of our Safety Consultants to speak directly with you.

We're delighted that the majority of our SAFEPACK Clients have been with us every year since we first offered this service, and we look forward to looking after your company too!